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I support the reopening of the Albert Whitted sewage plant. It may not 100 percent alleviate issues if we have a large rain event under already saturated conditions, but any capacity increase decreases the likelihood of discharge into our environment, and certainly would decrease the quantities discharged. We also need to be sure we have resolve, and are investing in our sewage infrastructure whether there is a governmental agency mandate or not. We need someone who can stick up for the city, and remind people that even though the sewage system may not be an exciting project, it is an ongoing project that will always need big money expenditures. Penny for Pinellas and other discretionary funds should be moved into an investment on the sewer system whenever possible until the situation is under control. We can also reallocate money wherever possible, such as the TIF funding that is being used for the Pier. TIF funding is explicitly allowed for “constructing or extending sewer and water facilities” (per the City). We could cut out the $2.5 million Pier art project and use that money, and other such funding, towards the system with NO tax increase whatsoever to the citizens.

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Paid for and Approved by Robert Blackmon for St. Petersburg City Council, District 6
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