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Our district is completely bounded to the east by Tampa Bay. Preservation and restoration of habitat is key. Everything in our city flows from the environment- literally and figuratively. Healthy environment brings tourism dollars, jobs, company relocations to share the lifestyle we enjoy, keeps property values high. I want recycling bins in all parks, ASAP. I also want to see recycling options expanded to apartment and condo buildings. It was originally proposed, but then quietly cut from plans. We will get the most “bang for our buck” environmentally. I also would like to see Spa Beach restored, coupled with the restoration of Salt Creek east of 4th Street into Bartlett Lake, and under 22nd Avenue S into Harbor Drive for a kayak trail. I would like to see these promoted as Eco Tourism, and try to start an environmentally-conscious tourism industry in our city focused around preservation goals. Regarding climate change and rising sea levels- we need to stop bickering about how severe the problem could be, and start taking preventative actions ASAP. Recycling, clean ups, environmentally friendly city policies, will all help. We can not demand of others if we do not lead the way ourselves.

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Paid for and Approved by Robert Blackmon for St. Petersburg City Council, District 6
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