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I would encourage more community based policing to get officers into the neighborhoods where they are needed most. I am hopeful that the new police headquarters will help attract the best and brightest new officers to join our ranks, and that increased technological capacities will help us to solve crime. We need to make sure that all violent and personal crime is reduced as the number one priority. There is a huge shortage of jobs for skilled tradesmen to work construction sites- I am familiar with this problem first hand. We need to make sure that our residents are benefiting from the financial aspect of “building boom” construction, as well as learning or strengthening their skills, as opposed to bringing in out-of-town crews to work, get paid, and leave. USF St. Pete's fabulous new graduate business school is a top notch facility that has expanded the footprint of the campus further south. It is through that campus, and through the community, that many southside residents can be educated from within their own community and then use those skills to develop businesses in Midtown, or along 4th St S, and hopefully become job creators themselves.

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